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Welcome to the website of Jürgen Betkierowicz


Jürgen Betkierowicz – born 1955 – and known in the trade as “J.B.” started in the international trade of dried fruits and nuts in 1973 with the well regarded and long established Hamburg firm Ernst K. F. Hamann.  He learned first hand the profession of foreign import and export from the experts at Ernst K. F. Hamann, along with fair and traditional trade and business practices.



Jürgen Betkierowicz continued his work in the dried fruit and nut business in Hamburg with other fine companies before founding his own firm in Villach, Austria to continue his activities in the field.

From Villach he has establish himself as agent on his own account and expanded his product line to include semi-finished products for the baking and confectionary industry along with the staple products of dried fruits and nuts. Honesty, reliability, competence and customer satisfaction are ranked first. Following these criteria the suppliers were chosen, who are working international as well and have an excellent reputation.